Submit Photos & Videos to be in our Movie

Our film includes a feature-length making of documentary that will incorporate some of the photos, videos, art and music created by our crew around the world.

3 ways to be in our movie:

  • 1. Upload a Promo Photo

  • Download our Flier (or make your own) and take a fun pic of you (and friends) promoting The 1 Second Film in your part of the world. We plan to include these pics in a collage during our credit sequence. Have fun with it!
  • Upload Your Photo to Our Site 
  • 2. Submit a Promo Video

  • Sample Promo Videos:

    David "DMAN" Lang

    Taylor McCausland

  • Some ideas for your video:'
  • • Share why you are supporting The 1 Second Film. How did you hear about it? Why did you sign up? That sort of thing.
  • • Document what you're doing to help make the film, whether making posters, or selling lemonade to raise producer funds.
  • • Make a video about your perfect moment.
  • • Be creative and have fun!
  • Video Guidelines:
  • • Keep videos short.
  • • Don't use any music or images you don't have all the rights for.
  • • Keep the original footage- especially a version without background music (we may request this version for a montage).
  • •Get a signed release form from everyone in the video and mail it to us. (contact us for release form).
  •  •Try to get good audio! (If possible: use an external mic and turn off all background music, air conditioners, etc.) If we can't hear it, we can't use it.

3. Add Your Voice (coming soon)

  • Our film is built around one-second of animation, for which we need to do a voice-over. We plan to let you upload one-second of audio (saying the word "One") and to then mash all the submissions together into one voice. If you would like to add your voice (and get a voice-over credit in our movie), join our facebook page and we will let you know when the submission tool is built.


More ways to contribute:

Artists and Designers

  • Create art inspired by this project. Design posters and fliers, make something cool for a 1 Second Film shirt or sticker, illustrate someone's perfect moment, etc. Upload photos of your art and share them in our graphic design group and our facebook page.


Are you a Musician?

  • Send links to original songs we can use in our production videos. We also plan to put together a soundtrack for our documentary, and will have an open call for submissions. Contact us if interested and we will add you to a special list for musicians.