The Art of Marketing

Nirvan MullickA goal of this project is to bring together as many participants as possible. Unlike big-budget films that may have millions to spend on marketing, The 1 Second Film started with a xerox flier and has grown from the ground up. Here is a look at some of our experiments in the art of marketing.

Evolution of our Fliers

Starting with a xerox flier, this project began fundraising by selling $1 producer credits on the streets. Funds raised were used to make better fliers and build a website. Check out how our fliers have evolved alongside the film. see more


Evolution of our Website

Web development has been the single biggest challenge of this project. Take a look back at our very first (and embarassingly bad) HTML site, and see how far this project has come.  see more

Culture Hacking 

See how our weird little film sliped into the cracks of pop culture, enabling everyone to be just 1 degree to Kevin Bacon. read more

Road to Oprah

Our Road to Oprah tour was an epic 10,000 mile quest to ask Oprah Winfrey for one-dollar to join our producers. We had an amazing journey, but came up a dollar short. Now the road continues... read more

Crowdsourcing Publicity

In 2010, we launched a new site that crowdsources our outreach by giving a Publicist Credit to everyone who refers a friend to join. Publicists get listed in order of referrals and earn 25 participation points for every friend referred.  Our goal is to make a million member movie, and to build a community of participants for future collaborations.