Lenticular Cards

Executive Producers who donate $500 or more can receive a free limited-edition lenticular card, while supplies last. These magical cards literally animate in your hand, giving a sneak preview of 1/2 of The 1 Second Film. When we met Kiefer Sutherland, we showed him a lenticular card, and he had to have one. You'll love yours too!

About Our Lenticular Cards:

Our Executive Producer lenticular cards each feature 6 of our 12 frames of animation, all in one card. The image changes depending on the angle of view. Our lenticular cards were printed using a special lens that allows multiple images to be combined. Each Lenticular Card comes numbered in a protective case. The series is limited to a printing of 1111. Learn more about the Lenticular Printing Process via Wikipedia.

How to Get Your Lenticular Card:

After donating or raising $500 or more, please contact us and let us know the shipping address where we should mail your lenticular card. If you have a card number preference (between 1 and 1,111), let us know, and we will send you that card if still available (lenticular card #1 and #1,111 are already gone!). We will also send include a set of all 12 business cards.