Web Team


Help coordinate outreach campaigns via social networking via facebook, twitter, digg, etc. Share ideas, resources, and new tools for using the web to collaborate.


Haha ok so my next idea is this online search engine that donates the money raised (one cent per search) to the charity of your choosing. We could register the1secondfilm and it probably wouldn't be too large of a donation but over time it would add up www.goodsearch.com

Twitter Spam?

Hey guys so I was thinking that if we all tweeted the same celeb about The1SecondFilm then they would have to check us out. We just all need to decided on the first celeb to start with. Lets start small, who has any ideas?

Help Tweet Pitch Nathan Fillion


Calling on our Web Team,

Want Nathan Fillion to join our crew?

Last night I met Nathan and gave him a 1 Second Film flier (Castle was filming on our street).  Today I need your help following up.

If you would like Nathan to join our crew, tweet him @NathanFillion on twitter, and invite him to join us on the1secondfilm.com - or just let him know why you support @1secondfilm.

Get your shovels ready


Hey guys, thanks for joining our social media web team!

We're running some stress tests to our servers; the new site is still running a bit slow, so we're trying to figure that out before we open the gates wider. But as soon as we get up to speed, we will be looking to spread the word via sites like digg, reddit, twitter, stumbleupon, etc.

And we will need your help.

If you don't yet have an account on these sites, please create one.

If you do have accounts, please connect with us so we can follow you back.

here we are: