If you are a musician who creates music for film, video, online promos, etc, please join this group, and post links to your work.
We're looking to collaborate with musicians, and possibly find some tunes for our making of documentary.
Other folks may stumble across your tunes as well.

one-woman White Album

Lee Quick
Lee Quick
I'm a singer-songwriter-guitarist and have recorded over 30 songs of many different styles – kinda like the Beatles White Album. My song "After The Storm" was featured in a documentary about hurricanes, but most of my songs aren't completely depressing... some are funny, quirky, smirky or groovy. I'd be happy to contribute a song to your soundtrack or your life. Songs available at

Links to my music


Here's some links to a bunch of different songs that you could use for the credits or whatever it is wanted for.

Acoustic singer/songwriter songs as well as instrumentals:!/pages/Rhyss-Webb/104017780319

Songs from my band, alternative-like songs:!/pages/The-Riot/344858271068?ref=ts

Decided to use facebook pages as it is updated more frequently than myspace.

Link to my music!


I compose acoustic piano music. I would love to share it with the film if a place can be found for it. I do have more music not uploaded onto the site so just drop me a note if you're interested in the sound and I could share the rest.