Graphic Design Group


A group for designers who want to help us design stuff for this project. Lets start by re-designing the layout for this groups page! :)
Seriously, we have a lot to do and will be posting more specifics here soon. But if you have an idea and want to jump in, we welcome the DIY approach!

Cloud Based Film editing

I notice one of the next steps listed is film editing and was wondering what sort of software/environment is needed for that and can things be broken down into tasks? If it can be setup to run on a linux basis with open source software, then one thing to think about is setting things up using Amazon Web Services:

Graphic Designer for Web Design Wanted

We're looking for a graphic designer to help make design improvements for our website. We want to clean up the site profiles to make it easier for crew members to administer her/his page, and participate in the film in various ways. Anyone want to help? Contact us!