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Palm Beach Gardens, FL
United States
Member Since: October 20, 2009
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Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1999 Master of Fine Arts from The Digital Media Arts College in Boca Raton Florida in 2006
What are some things you're doing to help make this film?
I just donated today so I'll have to see what ways I can help to make the film.
Why are you supporting The 1 Second Film project?
Art and film and animation are my life's passion. To me culture is so important in the live's of people. I am thrilled at the ooportunity to be a part of a collabrative art project that has never been done before and that points towards future possibilities of collaborative art and expression.

Paul Kanter's Perfect Moment

If you had to choose a 'perfect moment' from your life to make into a one-second film, what would it be?

The realization of the humanity of all people from all across the globe. The soundtrack would be universal tones and sounds. The images would be a second in the life of the People of Planet Earth. Childhood, Love, Loss, War, Peace, Work, Play, Arts, Science, etc.

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Mon, 10/19/2009 - 8:43pm

Thanks so much Paul! I went to a summer program at School of the Art Institute of Chicago when I was in high school. Really loved it. Have you read Kobo Abe? I made a stop-mo short based on The Box Man. It's on the internets somewhere... is your work online? Thanks again!