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Austin, TX
United States
Member Since: December 31, 2007
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At Geo Growers we make living soils for a variety of needs. We make soils for cultivating gardens and flowerbeds, planting trees, growing roses, top dressing lawns, landscaping with Xeriscape plants, and sub soils for sod. We select only weed free ingredients and enliven them with fully composted dairy cow manure and certified organic turkey manure compost. The soils are fully mineralized with Texas pink granite rock powders and Fredericksburg gypsum. To make sure that our soils are balanced, we have them analyzed regularly at Texas Plant and Soil Lab, the premier soil testing lab in Texas. Of the many factors that make a soil the best, the least talked about is loft or fluffiness. Fresh air and water get into soil because of its loft. We never mix shredded wood or pine bark mulch into our blends because they can cause massive shrinkage, destroying loft and leaving your soil compacted. These materials belong on the top of your soil where they can keep it cool and moist. Our seven soils remain fertile and retain their loft year after year. They both drain well and have outstanding water holding capacity. You will be pleased and delighted with our soil and soil fertility products. Their performance is unmatched, and their quality is unmistakable. Use our soil just once, and you'll see why 98 percent of our customers keep coming back. We make the dirt that makes the daisies dance!
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