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Blue Lake, CA
United States
Member Since: October 11, 2007
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Born in Bishops Stortford England - Live in Blue Lake California. Not an ex-pat, a part-time-pat. Ex-pats are traitors to the queen and should be hunted down and shot.
What are some things you're doing to help make this film?
Meditating on Oprah. Praying to the living God that she will open her media legs for the tour bus.
Why are you supporting The 1 Second Film project?
I want to change the world. I've always wanted to work with Kieffer - he's gone from working on 24, with FOX to working with NIRVAN on 1 second whata man, what a versitile actor.

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October 13, 2007 00:14  (0 comments)

James Peck's Perfect Moment

If you had to choose a 'perfect moment' from your life to make into a one-second film, what would it be?

Watching a coin fall - decisions, decisions...

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Wed, 10/17/2007 - 8:34am

You surely will make a previously unacceptable social behavior become politely tolerated from your strength of spirit, determination, and dedication to repeated exposure.

Sarah Peters

Wed, 10/17/2007 - 10:03am

stick with it james. you clearly have something very special here. keep producing! and thanks for sharing

Wed, 10/17/2007 - 12:44pm

Thankyou, Nirvan for your reply - you must have THOUSANDS of these to go through. Have you thought about the sequel? Or does that make your mind implode. "The Two Second Film - In One" What do you think?