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Jenji takes a raw, unpolished approach to punk that has almost been lost amidst the countless numbers of over-produced, auto-tuned, TRL-aspiring pop punk bands. The songs are melodic, and the vocals of lead singer Jen are snotty, humorous, and in your face. It has been noted that Jenji's shrill, stripped down, full-volume live performance can bring ears to the bleeding point, but for some reason the gut-level melodies and incessant rhythms make it feel so good, and hurt so right.

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Sat, 09/22/2007 - 3:33pm

I tried checking out your site jenji, it seems its still under construction, please let us know when you have things up and running, we would love to check the stuff out!

Thanks for being a part of this, we love you.

Tue, 09/18/2007 - 2:54pm

hi jenji! thanks for your support. your profle is curently set to private so only site admins can view it. if you would like others to be able to view your profile, pic, etc. change the settings in your account settings. cheers, n