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Alpharetta, GA
United States
Member Since: August 25, 2007
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David Nuckolls is a Sr. Executive Producer at CNN. He is the Executive In Charge of Special Projects. He also spent 12 years at Disney/ABC. He was the video director for the Olympic Medals Plaza at the Salt Lake Olympics.
Why are you supporting The 1 Second Film project?
I support independent films and love creativity. When I heard about this, I thought it was a very creative idea and wanted to provide some additional support. Good luck!!

Nuckman's Perfect Moment

If you had to choose a 'perfect moment' from your life to make into a one-second film, what would it be?

A snapshot of my family laughing. Nothing else matters.

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Sun, 09/30/2007 - 10:05am

Hey David- great pic! We added you to our Producer of the Moment pool :)

Sun, 08/26/2007 - 10:19am

Thank you so much David! We really appreciate your support. Maybe we will see you while on our Road to Oprah tour?