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Mont Vernon, NH
United States
Member Since: March 28, 2007
Occupation: Student
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Aspiring soprano Laura Millar began her career in her native New Hampshire in the respected Andy's Summer Playhouse. She has since gone to New York to pursue an opera career at Hofstra University. She has worked with Pulitzer Prize winning writers, Metropolitan performers and staff, and dozens of professional singers in her studies. Laura Millar is also an actress of musical theater and straight plays, an award winning poet, and a playwright. Three of her original plays have been performed by Andy's Summer Playhouse to great success. Her comedy, "Murder at the Golden Gates Theater", raised $2,000 in a benefit performance for Andy's. Another of her works is slated to be performed in 2008.
What are some things you're doing to help make this film?
I am trying to get students from Hofstra University involved in the project, through donations or other means.
Why are you supporting The 1 Second Film project?
I am a supporter of the arts in any variety, be it music, theater, or film. I love innovation, and I think that this is a brilliant innovative idea!

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If you had to choose a 'perfect moment' from your life to make into a one-second film, what would it be?

Having Nico Castel, the famed "pasha of diction", who hears Met opera singers on a daily basis, describe my voice as "magnificent" this summer. That pretty much takes the cake for me.

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Mon, 07/28/2008 - 6:05pm

Hey Laura!

You finished with school yet?

We need your producer voting power; the Collaboration Foundation (our non-profit) is a finalist for a $10,000 Ideablob Grant. We have just 3 days to get the most votes. We're currently in 2nd! Please vote now and then share w/ friends on facebook, your blog, etc.

Please Vote Here:

If we win, the grant funds will be used to build this:


Sun, 08/12/2007 - 10:53am

Hey Laura- we would love to present at your school if you can help arrange it. We will be in the New York area and have a couple events being set up.

Try e-mailing juli:


Fri, 08/10/2007 - 7:24pm

Great Profile, thanks you so much Laura! Welcome to our crew, and thanks for spreading the word.