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Thornhill Cardiff, CRF
United Kingdom
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I just made my donation to become a Producer on this amazing idea! Also attached a photo of the start of my quest to make everyone I know aware of The 1 Second Film! I'm Aaron Fisher. I'm 20 years old and a British second year Film and Video student at the International Film School of Wales. I grew up almost entirely in Cardiff, Wales' capital city. And what a beautiful capital city it is! I'm hoping to one day become a Screenwriter/Director with maybe trying my hand at a bit of producing on the way. I've worked on quite a few different types of Film and TV. Besides from the various different films (counterstyle, realist, etc) that I've made for University and College, I've also worked as supporting artist (glorified name for an extra) on many television shows. You maybe might have heard of Doctor Who, or Torchwood? Just last summer I shot, directed and edited a short promotional video for Rhys Giles - one of Wales' youngest leading Hair Stylists - shown at the Loreal Colour Trophy 2006. The theme was Heaven and Hell and this video served as an introduction to Rhys and the styles he was about to create on stage. You can check out some more of my work at my myspace at www.myspace.com/vadersville_movies . It would be pretty cool if you could add that as web-link. Spread my name and stuff. Afterall, in many ways I think that's what this idea is all about. In a world where everyone seems divided and so unattached from everyone else - you could in theory actually live your life without ever having to have an actual conversation with another human being - this project is a brillant way to bring people from all sorts of backgrounds together in a united effort to make something. And that's just, Fantastic!

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