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Member Since: January 30, 2007
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I will be sending a picture and Bio at a later date showing me promoting OUR film. FYI, I live in LA, CA.
Why are you supporting The 1 Second Film project?
I am financing because I believe in supporting indie films and visions and to encourage creativity to its max. I know this will come back to me one day when I need suppot in my artistic visions.

J.R. Dziengel's Perfect Moment

If you had to choose a 'perfect moment' from your life to make into a one-second film, what would it be?

The most perfect moment in my life was when I was 10. I was a military brat living in Norway and I discovered Gummi Candy, when I went on a walk with some friends to a corner market. it was getting dark, the street lamps turned on an we came out of the store with a pound of Gummi Candies. It was such a beautiful night and we walked all the way home with a smile on our faces, even though some of the Gummies were pretty sour -- but good. I've been addicted ever since. I'm still a child at heart.

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