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Kresge College was founded in 1971 as a place to explore human consciousness on a campus dedicated to challenging traditional conceptions of teaching and learning. Kresge has changed a lot since then, and we hope it will continue to evolve under the pressure of new student, staff and faculty energy. Kresge presently is home to departments in Literature, Women's Studies, and Writing, faculty who teach in the Humanities, Arts, and the Social and Natural Sciences, and students who study everything from Creative Writing to Geology, Plant Conservation to Ancient History. We take pride in our cultural range, our civic concerns and our intellectual programs. We emphasize independent living and social responsibility, recognizing that creative alternatives emerge from the interaction of individual issues and group values.
Why are you supporting The 1 Second Film project?
Edward Robins, a student of US Santa Cruz Kresge Hall, discovered The 1 Second Film online and arranged for the project to visit Kresge Hall and give a presentation to students. Edward raised money for the event by applying to various departments of UC Santa Cruz and coordinated the event with the feminist studies program.

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