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About Me

Goshen, IN
United States
22 years old
Member Since: May 1, 2010
Birthday: February 10, 1996
My Bio
THE 34 THINGS THAT MAKE UP DANIEL POTASHOV*: Neutrality 3%, Time 3%, ? 3%, Thinker (The lightbulb kind) 3%, Calm (not TOO calm) 3%, Sketcher 3%, Daydreamer 3%, Different (aka creepy) 3%, Fantasy 3%, Enthusiasm 3%, Originality 3%, Intelligence 3%, Wants to learn guitar 3%, Wants to learn piano 3%, Trippy 3%, The Gothic, eerie type of beauty 3%, Doing things 'just because' (example: climbing out a window) 3%, Ponderer of EVERYTHING! (look up 'everything' in the dictionary) 3%, Abstractness 3%, Logic 3%, Reader (F, SF, M, I, RF) 3%, Music (catchy, pop, indie, rock) 3%, Outcast (damn straight!) 3%, Coziness/warmth 3%, Good speller (for...some reason) 3%, Friend (not the creepy kind) 3%, Un-robot (I can feel**) 3%, Lemon Juice (don't ask) 3%, In the moment 3%, In the Woah 3%, Helps the little things in life 3%, Afternoon stroll 3%, Bells, Whistles, Odds, Ends, Etc. 1% * includes but not limited to. please combine all at once. descriptions include all sense of the word however someone else may see fit. (ex: coziness/warmth may be classified as 'coolness' by someone else) ** Am I a 'Robot with Feelings?' -Daniel P.
Why are you supporting The 1 Second Film project?
No real reason. I just found it while looking at Seth Green's Wikipedia page. If I didn't support this, then a whole second of my life would be wasted. As humans, we can't do that.

Danielpotashov's Perfect Moment

If you had to choose a 'perfect moment' from your life to make into a one-second film, what would it be?

I think it would be love. But in one second? love is the feeling you get during the one second right after your favorite son ends.

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