Credit Guidelines


The following Guidelines will apply to all Film Credits.

1. The "Full Credit Name" submitted by members can not be edited later. Please choose your name carefully. If you absolutely must change your name, there will be a small change fee.

2. The "Full Credit Name" can not contain obscenities, hate speech, or other material we deem offensive.

3. The "Full Credit Name" is limited to 40 characters, including spaces.

4. Credit order, size, etc: the final size, placement, color, font, and length of screen time for each credit will vary., and will be determined by our film's director. Some credit types have been given the following guidelines:

  • Producers: Our Producer credits will be listed in order of the total amount donated. Producers who have donated/raised identical amounts will be listed alphabetically. We have 3 levels of Producers: Executive Producers = $100 or more, Producers = $10 - $99.99, and Associate Producers = $1 - $9.99
  • Top 11 Donors: Our Top 11 donors will receive a title-credit before the film begins.
  • Publicists: a Publicist Credit will be given to crew members who refer at least one person to join our crew. Our publicists will be listed in order of total referrals, and then alphabetically.
  • Special Thanks: a Special Thanks credit will be given to every member who joins our crew. Special Thanks credits will be listed in chronological order.

5. Members can not falsely represent the identity of real people. Nor can members use a pseudonym or a business name that is in violation of a trademark. Also, there can be no celebrity impersonators.

6. We reserve the right to remove or edit any credit name or posting and to terminate any crew profile without notice at our sole discretion.

7. You grant THE 1 SECOND FILM a gratis royalty free right to use your name and likeness to promote The 1 Second Film in perpetuity and in all mediums. Read our full privacy policy.

8. You assume full responsibility and liability for the conduct of any credit profile that you initiate. It is your responsibility to not share your password, and to make sure content posted to your account falls within these terms.

9. Please do not harass or spam other Crew Members.

10. No Refunds: Money given to The 1 Second Film project is a charitable donation to our non-profit production and is non-refundable. Crew Members will receive no financial return in exchange for donations. Any profits raised by our finished film will be donated to charity. The Collaboration Foundation will oversee the accounting and budget considerations.

11. Name Removal: Your name can be removed from our website at any time. Just contact us with your account details in order to confirm your identity. Please note that names can only be removed from our actual film if notice is given within 30 days after we stop accepting donations. This is to allow us time to remove names before we begin post-production. 30 days after we stop accepting donations, names can not be removed or edited in the film; we will only be able to remove names from our online listing.

12. Errors and Emissions:
The 1 Second Film will make a best effort to credit all our crew members correctly, however, due to the scope of this project, we can not be held liable for any errors or emissions. It is your responsibility to notify us of any spelling mistakes or errors; we will make our best effort to correct any errors before the film is completed.