Free Business Cards for Producers

Nirvan MullickBackstory: After my failed pitch to George Clooney, I decided to make business cards to offer our producers as a way to share our film's art. On the front of each card is one of our 12 frames of animation, and on the back is a place to fill in your name and check off what level producer you are. The cards were a hit, and even helped land Stephen Colbert. Collect yours while they last.


How to Get Your Free Business Cards:

First, join our crew and become our Producer by donating/raising a dollar or more. Then, follow the mailing instructions below. Please be sure to include all of the requested info & proper return postage. Thanks! :)

Collect All 12 Cards!

free business cards

The more you donate or raise toward your producer credit, the more cards you can get. Executive Producers can get an entire set of all 12! :)

How many cards you get:

$1 - $9.99 = 1 card

$10 - $19.99 = 2 cards

$20 - $29.99 = 3 cards

$30 - $39.99 = 4 cards

$40 - $49.99 = 5 cards

$50 - $59.99 = 6 cards

$60 - $69.99 = 7 cards

$70 - $79.99 = 8 cards

$80 - $89.99 = 9 cards

$90 - $99.99 = 10 cards

$100 or more = all 12 cards!

$500 or more = all 12 cards + a limited-edition lenticular card!

* while supplies last.



Mailing Instructions

Please be sure to include proper return postage on your Self-Adressed Stamped Envelope, as well as your name, username, and e-mail when sending in for your cards. Mail your Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

P.O. Box 861117
Los Angeles, CA 90086-1117

International Producers (outside of U.S.)

For International Producers outside of the US, please visit your post office to ask see if they offer vouchers for pre-paid postage from the US. You must include the correct Int'l Postage Voucher on your self-addressed stamped envelope. If your business card request is incomplete, or your return envelope does not have proper return postage, we won't be able to send the cards back to you.


Bonus Flier: Use a business size envelope for your self-adressed-stamped-envelope, and I will include one of our 4x6 fliers along with your business cards. Feel free to send letters, notes, and drawings too- I love getting real mail!