You Tweeted & We Meeted: Ed Begley Jr. Joins our Crew!


Actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. is now our Executive Producer, thanks to the help of our twitter crew!

Back in April, @julicrockett tweeted us a wish that we get @edbegleyjr to join our crew:

@julicrockett's wish

The idea caught on, and together, we crowd-pitched @edbegleyjr with dozens of short tweets like this tweet from @ghostwise:

@ghostwise tweet pitch

Ed got wind of our project, was curious to hear more, and invited us over to his amazing Eco House (featured on Planet Green's "Living with Ed" show). Yesterday, we finally got a chance to meet Ed, and after hearing about our project, he donated $101 and officially joined our crew as an Executive Producer!

Check out Ed Begley Jr.'s crew profile here, and login to add him to your crew list by clicking "Add to Crew" from his profile.

Ed Begley Jr.

Ed has over 200 credits on IMDb, from "Pineapple Express" to "A Mighty Wind," but I'm honoured to say that "The 1 Second Film" is officially the first movie he has ever Produced! Unfortunately, our film is not currently listed on IMDb, but we shot some video for our making of documentary, and Ed requested IMDb list his producer credit! I'll edit and post the video soon.

Be Ed Begley Jr.'s Benefactor!

Like Michael Cera, Ed has opted to 'open his credit' to accept public donations. This means anyone can now chip in $1 or more toward Ed Begley Jr.'s credit to move him up our Producer credit list. If you donate toward Ed's credit, you will be listed as Ed Begley Jr.'s benefactor! Donations are tax deductible, and every penny helps toward finishing our documentary. To chip in, please login first and then Donate $1 or more toward Ed Begley Jr.'s credit!

Twitter Crew

I think it is amazing how twitter has made it so much easier to connect with people like Ed, and share our collaboration. Who on Twitter do you think we should Twitter pitch next? Tweet us your wish list @1secondfilm and lets discuss on our facebook forum