Next Steps: Here Comes the Bus!


I wanted to share what has been happening.

We have had an awesome new volunteer in the office last week, Hayden Ramsey. Hayden has been helping with data entry, which has been super helpful. We've been creating profiles for all the crew members who helped with the original animation painting event, as well as adding various credits to existing crew member profiles. It's a tedious task that will help us keep track of the thousands of people we have to thank moving forward. Logistics.

Meanwhile, we've been slowly saving up funds for our next goals. Web development will continue, but it will not be as intense of a resource commitment. This will free us up to bring on a helper next month. So, I'm very excited that Juli Crockett will be coming on board for the month of April to help with all sorts of production goals, fundraising, bus adventures, and volunteer coordinating! Juli was part of our Road to Oprah crew, and is all sorts of awesome. Follow @julicrockett on twitter to see how she rolls.

Juli is headed up to Los Ossos this weekend to fetch our bus. We had stashed it up north with a friend to protect it from the LA Graffiti crews. The bus is in need of a paint job and some TLC, which will be happening this week and next. And then it will be hitting the streets of LA again.

Our bus!

If anyone in the LA area wants to help with the bus painting, let me know. Juli will also be booking local artists, performers, and musicians to play on the bus and join us around town. We will be fundraising with the goal of hiring an editor for our documentary in a month or two. This will allow us to really start getting some serious film production stuff done.

There is also some potential press around the corner, as we've been getting several cool press inquiries. This will also help with fundraising for editing.

We will be looking into publicity more after we get the site-performance issues sorted out. Currently, we're getting reports that our site is very slow, sometimes taking 4-6 seconds to load a new page. I want to fix these issues before pushing the word out, but of course, it takes money to fix this stuff, so we need to keep fundraising as much as we can as we go.

On our webfront, we've been working with a programmer in Russia named Slava Alenchikov. Slava was part of the team that built our current site, and is spending the next 2 weeks to fix remaining bugs. Ciplex is still helping with logistics. We've already fixed the donation bug, and also went through and fixed all of the producers who were effected by the bug. So if you were waiting for your credit to appear, it should be up and working now. If not, please let me know!

Meanwhile, big thanks to everyone who has joined our crew and donated to become a producer! We now have 13,580 Crew Members and continue to grow.

Looking forward to this next week! 


Wed, 04/14/2010 - 11:21pm

juli, remember when you left that comment suggesting we build a stage on the roof and take the band cross country? pretty awesome. i'm looking forward to sharing more adventures.

Sat, 04/10/2010 - 2:51pm

Sounds like fun. :D I can't wait to see how the bus looks all re-gussied up.