The 1 Second Film Bus Re-Painting (PHOTOS)


The last few weeks we've been putting in a ton of work fixing up our bus to get it ready to go back on the road. Our bus, originally created for our Road to Oprah tour, was covered in graffiti during the time we were building our new website. Here is a look back at that:

We did our best to clean off the graffiti, but it was clear the bus would need a repaint. Here is what it looked like when we started:

bus before (w graffiti)

washing the bus

After a wash at a truck stop, my friend Alicia Ziff helped peel off the vinyl wrap of my grandmother, which was destroyed by the graffiti, and prep the bus for re-painting.

peeling off vinyl wrap

painting over logo


After prepping the bus, we projected some designs i did in photoshop, and then spent all night tracing.

Above is me, with the sun rising after an all nighter on the bus. Below is a shot of the bus the next morning, ready for volunteers to help paint:

Levi helped rebuild our Credit Stand Caboose too. It was starting to fall apart with broken screws and loose boards.

By the end of Thursday, our bus was ready enough for the art walk. Members of the Evangenitals joined us and we hit the streets with the bus paint still wet. A reporter from the LA Times joined us, and interviewed folks who signed up to join our crew for part of a story they are doing on our project. It was a pretty amazing night. Of course, I was either too busy or too tired to take any still photos of the bus in action, but we shot some video which will get editied together soon.

Big thanks to Alicia Ziff, Levi Brewster, Amanda Bromberg, Harley Cross, Juli Crockett, and Michael Feldman for helping paint the bus.

There is still more work before the bus is finished, but I just wanted to share some pics of the process so you all can see how it's shaping up. There are more pics of the bus getting painted here on our flickr.