The Art of Animation

The 1 Second Film celebrates the art of animation and the collaborative process. There are 24 frames in one-second of animation. Each frame of our film is a giant painting that was created by hundreds of people during an all-night event. Preview the animation frames below.

Our 12 Frames of Animation:

click each frame for details

frame #1 frame #2 frame #3

Video of Animation Painting Party:

Our Animation Process

one frame to scaleThere are 24 frames in one second of film. Each frame of our film is a 5ft x 9ft painting. The finished paintings animate when filmed in sequence. Each frame of the animation had its own art director and was painted by hundreds of people during an all night collaborative animation event that took place on March 8th, 2001 (International Women's Day) at CalArts. Color design for each frame was selected by legendary animator, Jules Engel.

The collaborative animation event featured live music, performers, a carnivalesque side show, and a giant rope swing suspended 60 ft from the ceiling. The frame directors invited party-goers to help paint his or her frame. Everyone who contributed at least one brush stroke was given a film credit. 

The finished paintings will each be filmed twice to create the 24 frames in one-second of animation. After our film's premiere, the 12 frames will be exhibited and then auctioned off to raise money for the Global Fund for Women.


In Development: The Big Picture

The 1 Second Film is the start of an ambitious 5 Phase Plan to create non-profit participatory films that gradually expand in scale. Check out our 5 Phase Plan to see how you can take part.