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Here's How it Works:


Hi, my name is Nirvan. I'm the director of this film, which started while I was an animation student at CalArts. The project is a non-profit experiment in global collaboration. The idea is to make the World's Biggest Shortest Film by inviting everyone to make a movie together. "The 1 Second Film" will be one second of animation (made of 12 giant paintings) with one hour of credits. A feature length making of documentary will play during the credits, and all profits from the finished film will be donated to charity. Here is how it works in detail, and a bit of the backstory:

1 Second of Animation

There are 24 frames in a single second of film. Our one-second of film is animated. Each frame of our animation is a giant painting (5ft x 9ft) created in one night by hundreds of people during a big party. People at the party helped paint the paintings, and the finished paintings animate like a giant flipbook. Preview the Animation Paintings here.

Fundraising Dollar-by-Dollar

The film is being crowdfunded by selling Producer credits for $1 or more. We have 3 levels of Producer Credits: $1 = Associate Producer, $10 = Producer, and $100 or more = Executive Producer. We currently have over 13,000 Producers and will list all Producers in order of amount donated, so for example, donate $10.01 and you get listed above Kevin Bacon, $11.01 tops Stephen Colbert, and $25,650.01 tops Apple. Fundraising started on the streets with a xerox flier, began to grow person-by-person, and has since grown online. Currently, over 16,500 people are participating in 96 countries, helping us raise over $320,000 dollar-by-dollar. To see some early fundraising adventures, here's a little clip of my pitch to Stephen Colbert and his wife Evelyn:

1 Hour of Credits +  Documentary

After the 1 second of animation will be our credits, which will last about an hour (in order to list everyone who is participating). To keep people entertained during the credits, we're making a feature-length 'making of' documentary that will play alongside the credit scroll. The documentary will detail the often absurd journey of the idea from start to finish (watch the bidding war that developed between Andy Dick and Tom Green). Our documentary will also include footage created by our crew and submitted online

All for a Good Cause

Once finished, we plan to have a theatrical premiere. After the premiere, our animation paintings will be on exhibit and then auctioned off. All profits raised by the film and art will be donated to the Global Fund for Women, a non-profit grant making organization that supports Women's Human Rights around the world. To oversee our project, we started a 501(c)3 non-profit called The Collaboration Foundation. Once finished, participants will be invited to participate in more non-profit collaborations. For more info about our future projects, check out our 5 Phase Plan to bring people around the world together via collaborative art.

How to Participate

To take part, simply join our crew! It's free to join and your name will be added to our movie's Special Thanks credits. You can also become a Producer by donating $1, or be a Publicist by referring a friend. There are also a ton of fun ways to participate more while earning various production credits in our movie. Together, we're exploring what is possible in one small moment when people work together.


This film started while I was studying experimental animation at CalArts. I was making stop-motion films like this and would sometimes spend hundreds of hours making a single second of animation. I was also interested in an idea of creating small 'perfect moments'. As an experiment, I decided to combine these ideas, and make a 1 second film that would try to bring as many people at my school  together as possible, while celebrating the process in which one-second of animation is made. The project received a $1,500 Interschool Grant and we started selling producer credits to raise additional funds- 80 people contributed, and another $3,000 was raised to throw the animation party. The party took place on March 8th 2001 (International Women's Day), and was a ton of fun. After graduating, I decided to continue selling $1 Producer credits to grow the project. I made a xerox flier and started to pitch the film to people I met. The support was amazing, and I saved up enough to buy a little video camera. I then began to document the process and post little videos online. One of these videos (Sundance - 1 Degree to Kevin Bacon) was featured on the home page of YouTube, helping us raise over $7,000 online in just 3 days. These funds helped build our website, which has allowed even more people to participate. Our crew now includes thousands of first-time filmmakers (including my grandmother), as well as dozens of Celebrity Producers and companies like Apple, FotoKem, and Pair Networks. The project continues to grow, and I continue to work on it part time (it's a volunteer effort), while also doing my other jobs to pay my bills.

When Will the Film Be Finished?

Hard to say. This film is funded by donations. We raise resources to finish the film as we go, and save up donations until we can afford the next piece of the production.

Our Next Goal

We're currently raising funds to finish post-production of our documentary. We have over 450 hours of footage and need to raise $50,000 for 12 months of full-time editing, RAID hard drives, etc. If you would like to help, please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any amount, or let us know if you have equipment to donate (like a 16 Tb RAID storage system)! Even if you don't have $1 to spare, please join our crew and spread the word!

How Are Donations Used?

100% of donations go toward productions costs of making our film, which includes a feature-length documentary. Budget Overview


You can find more info on our FAQs. If you have additional questions, please find me on twitter @1secondfilm or @nirvan. We're also on facebook and formspring.


Nirvan Mullick


Kiefer Sutherland                                                                                             My Grandmother  
$600.23 Executive Producer                                                                       $888.88 Executive Producer


About The Collaboration Foundation
The 1 Second Film is the flagship production of The Collaboration Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization powered by a global community of participants.